Why the exact right people show up right on time is a mystery to me, but it is nonetheless true.

As a person of faith, I think God calls each member, but it is also through the personal mechanism of meaning specific to each person. In a sense, the particular person sees a specific way he or she can contribute, I suppose. Somewhere between or among these logical and mystical explanations is the truth. I am sure they all contribute. Compare it to the body and how it all works together. We are more than the chemicals and organs and mix of blood and tissue. There is a spirit to each of us and an uber-spirit of sorts of the group.

Beyond pure reason lies an X factor… an alchemical magic mix of motivation, love, challenge and determination. The X factor yokes the group together with a seemingly unbreakable bond… to the stated cause, but also to each other.

They cannot fail.

They will not fail.

They have come too far to turn back now. They will not accept anything but success.

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