What makes us take up causes others think are impossible?

What draws others to the cause, bonds us together, and gives us an inexhaustible energy and an unwavering belief that we’ll succeed? I started Champions of the Lost Causes to foster a dialog about the successes, setbacks and team dynamics that move causes forward. I’ll share what I’ve learned through my cause, but I am also here to learn.

This is about what drives us Champions, but it’s also a forum about real projects. It’s about your beloved park, your shuttered building, your polluted river. It’s about your child’s struggling school, your growing local food system, your gerrymandered voting district. 

You’ve got a team of Champions assembled and are hard at work. You are strong, passionate and committed to your project and each other. Now, you’ve got a community of Champions cut from the same cloth who are rooting you on and sharing ideas and hard-fought wisdom from the trenches. 

Together, we will be even stronger.

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