What makes a group of Champions materialize out of the ether, mysteriously fully formed as a unit?

A group of Champions has its own strengths, member to member, but what is it that makes them come together to “form Voltron” and be an uber-Champion capable of superhuman things?

Why are the gifts so perfectly aligned?

It’s not just a diversity of complementary gifts…it’s the X factor.

One plus one plus one equals 20. One person’s enthusiasm or success on a given front or on a given day lifts up and emboldens the rest of the team. The activity of one spells the others so that, collectively, the “legs” of the group remain fresh. It’s a multiplication of loaves-type miracle of sorts, if you will.

Yes, the issue animates us, but so does the good feeling of being part of a team striving for something worth our collective best effort. It brings out the best in us. There is energy also in the discoveries along the way, especially at the outset, like your ship has landed on an unmarked island. What might we find?! Being tired almost doesn’t exist, especially not in those heady early days. Even later on, the project continues to open up… continues to reveal new plot twists that are irresistible. It’s like a great page turner of a novel you can’t put down, but it’s even better, because you and your friends are principal characters in a choose your own adventure book. More than curiosity about what will happen to an interesting fictitious character… what will happen to these people I have grown to love and admire, and how will it change me and my community!?

THAT is exciting and supremely compelling.

THAT is a drama that is impossible to let go, and when you have “formed Voltron” from a team of dedicated and zealous “cats” who are motivated to give their best efforts, look out! Nothing can stop them! Nothing will stand in their way that they can’t endure, figure out or eviscerate… that they can’t eat for breakfast!

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